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Wednesdays are for Wonderment!

Questions to push you into the realm of Possibility!⠀

Today's question: What keeps you up at night?

I'm taking "vacation" this week. We went to LBI for a long weekend and now, for the rest of the week, I'm focused on spending more time away from the computer than at it. Fingers crossed!

Typically I could count on myself to screw this up. I would feel guilty about relaxing or doing outdoor activities, since there is always work to be done. I would end the week, not really feeling relaxed but also not accomplishing much. Talk about a waste of time....

This time, I intentionally set goals around activities to do away from the computer, instead of listing work activities I might/could look at.

Point? Twofold! First, this not relaxing but not working would definitely have kept me up in the past! Second, I'm attempting to accomplish both by asking what is really a selfish question, as it could be a coaching goldmine 🤣

I am super curious what keeps you up at night and...what would have to be different so it didn't? Save me from my relaxing boredom and share 😎

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