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Motivational Monday!

Have you ever had one of those moments when what you thought was impossible, suddenly seems possible?

I've been lucky to have them in various parts of my life. For example:

- In finance when we thought the deal would fall through or we wouldn't be able to do the analysis or do it to our liking;

- When adopting a dog & it seemed like I'd have commit fraud about my work hours to adopt one;

- While running the NY Marathon, at mile 20, I didn't think I'd finish;

- A couple weeks after landing in Dublin & unable to find an apartment to call "home";

- Leaving the only company I'd ever known & the culture that had "run through my veins" for all those years

What moments! Such a feeling of life & "yes!" in those moments!

As I was leaving that company, someone told me to remember all the things we had accomplished, all the times we had no idea how we were going to do it, all the things we did that had never been done before. That's served me well. Now, when attempting something "impossible", I recall those moments, savor that feeling & recognize if I did all that, I can do what is in front of me.

Do you ever recall or celebrate those moments from your past? Do you help them propel you forward? What might be different, even possible, if you did?

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