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I recently finished 2 books; 1 was like The Alchemist and the other was a productivity book, Essentialism. Oddly enough, this quote came from Essentialism, which I highly recommend!

I love the idea that life is wild. How often do we stop & consider what Mary Oliver asks? I do consider it...and I'd like to consider more often. I'm going to take this one I think, looking for the wild things in life. I'm curious...even on the most boring, routine day, could there be something wild and/or precious about it?

Mirriam-Webster define "wild" as not inhabited or cultivated. Not to go all philosphical on you(like you didn't expect it)...but from that view, each of our lives is wild, right? No one has lived your particular life yet. No one has walked your specific path yet. That alone kind of makes it wild...

Perhaps I won't have to look too hard for the "wild" in each day...

What comes up for you? Anything precious and/or wild happen today? Yesterday? When was the last time you noticed something wild or precious?

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