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Do you notice how your breathing is different when you feel what you believe is fear versus excitement?

For a long time, I was a breath holder. In times of stress or if I was unsure or afraid, I'd hold my breath. A couple of months ago I took on Wim Hof breathing. I loved it!


Except I could hold my breath for almost 3 minutes in times of stress It was during my recent Ayahuasca experience that people kept commenting on it & telling me to breathe. I didn't even notice I was holding my breath! Honestly, it was the perfect place for the realization and change in behavior. I learned & had plenty of opportunity to NOT hold my breath in times of stress or discomfort

Do you notice that your breathing is different or the same?

Honestly, it's probably the same. The brain is so interesting. The infamous lizard part reacts before making contact with rest of us, hence fear can be an initial reaction to non life threatening situations. We can have the same physical reaction to a thing we fear as one that excites us. I hold my breath when I'm excited on a roller coaster or giving a loved one a gift! Difference was, when I perceived excitement I let go of the breath faster than when I perceived fear.

What comes up for you? Have you noticed your physical reactions to fear & excitement? What is the same? Different? Is there anything you can do with this info? I'd love to hear!

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