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Brene is so fabulous, isn't she?

How true is it though? How often have we thought to ourselves or voiced, we don't want to ask about something for fear of opening pandora's box? At work? At home?

How often does it end up that you wished you had opened pandora's box then?

While not perfect by a long shot, I have historically been one of those people that will ask the question, even if it means opening pandora's box. Needless to say, I received a few loving, dirty looks at work.

But I often know that the "rumble" is life, is the process that can't be avoided; that the shit needs to get started, so to speak, b/c shit that doesn't get started & gets backed up, eventually causes problems. (I can't believe I'm wrote that but I'm going with the uncomfyness of it...)

Of course, outside of work it was a bit different. Even though I did ask the question "what is I really want?" I knew I needed a coach to support me in continuing to ask that question until I found the answer. I knew as I opened or got close to opening that pandora's box, I could easily pull back and leave it closed.

Are you someone who leans into opening pandora's box? Do you have a tendency one way or another? If so, is that tendency supporting you?

Is there an area where you are not leaning into opening the box? Would you like support? DM me! I've got a bunch of ways to support you right now.

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