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Wednesdays are for Wonderment!

Questions to push you into the realm of Possibility!⠀ ⠀

Today's question: What are you TRULY committed to?

I've included a picture of myself from 2016 in Ireland. I had agreed to go there as an expat to set up a new team in Dublin. This is a great representation of things I am TRULY committed to: experiencing the great wide world in which we live and being outside my comfort zone.

Of course, these are not the only things I'm TRULY committed to, otherwise I'd probably be out there flying/boating/cycling/etc around the world and not sharing this question with you :)

This clarity on knowing what I'm truly committed to being/doing serves as the backbone for all my decisions, especially the "tough" decisions.

I'm curious and would love to hear what you are TRULY committed to, how you support those commitments and how those commitments actually serve you.

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