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Better Together

Who is on your team?

Who is keeping you going?

A couple of weeks ago we had back to back longish runs. We’d planned to do them both together, but on Saturday Jon ran out of time and we had to go separate.

Both of us suffered. Yes, it was late in the day so our energy was lower and the sun was stronger but we’ve done it before. I particularly struggled. I had to call and have him come get me, I was so out of it.

Sunday, out together…idk if I would say we were cruising but it was so much easier for me. Even if I was still struggling, we were keeping each other going and in it.

That’s why I love coaching. That’s who I love to be for my clients. The person they can tell their “crazy” not yet planned out, ideas to give them voice, life. The person by their side reminding them why they wanted it, asking if that still holds true. Supporting them as they do things they didn’t think they could, become someone they didn’t think they could.

Reach out if you could use a fresh ear or another person in your corner! Who couldn’t use another person in their corner?

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