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Wednesdays are for Wonderment!

Questions to push you into the realm of Possibility!

Today's question: What can you stop doing to make room for positive change?

How often do you find yourself trying to figure out how to do, be or accomplish more in a day, week or month?

How often do you review what's already on your plate and may need to be removed?

Highly driven people have a tendency to continuously add more to their plate without reviewing what's already on it and may need to go.

I named my business "More is Possible" for goodness sake! My intention was to remind people that they can experience more joy and more of what they desire than they are currently settling for. Of course, in the fine print, it clarifies that they will inevitably have to find the courage to let go of what they no longer enjoy or is no longer serving them.

What could you stop doing TODAY to make room for something you want? If you stopped talking to someone who drains your energy, would it create room to speak to someone who inspires you? If you stopped scrolling social media would it create room to play "words with friends" with your partner? If you stopped thinking about the past, what would it create room to think about?

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