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Wednesdays are for Wonderment!⠀

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Questions to push you into the realm of Possibility!⠀

Today's question: What is present when life is more alive for you?

Please give Ms Kindle a round of applause as our start today <3 She just gets so excited for breakfast or dinner! She actually has a whole dance she does, not captured here. At least once a day(depending on who does the feeding) I get this fabulous reminder that there is such joy in the little things!

Back on topic :) What is present for you when you find yourself feeling like Kindle? Are you with anyone? What is happening? What is the experience like?

I talk a lot about fulfillment, but a life of fulfillment does not equal 100% joy all the time.

For me, I'm most alive when my clients have that incredible break through or see something in a powerful, new way.

What about you? When do you feel most alive? How would life be different for you if you felt like that more often?

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