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Are you a changemaker in hiding?

My people are changemakers.


And, sadly, I have resisted calling them and myself that, for awhile now.


You see, I know what it’s like to be a change maker, to be a leader in all areas of life. I know what it’s like to have that calling with friends and family, colleagues and bosses.


And. I have such compassion, empathy and understanding for needing a PAUSE button. I also know what it’s like to sort of not want to have to lead, to wish someone else would lead. I know what it’s like to be stuck in the start-stop of it all: starting because we know we were made to create change and stopping because we’re tired and want more help, want to be led. I know what it’s like to know at your core you were meant to lead, to start that thing you’ve been thinking about and….want to rest, want to just take a few moments for yourself, to think and ground and gather your power.


And yet. I also know what’s it like to be in the dark, trying to find the pause button, wanting to hide from the world a thousand percent and still hear the call to lead, still feel the need to light the fires, set the sparks, still know you and those around you were created for something more. To have your head on the pillow in a dark room, trying to avoid the world, trying to rest and take a few moments for yourself but somehow finding your way to the Mel Robbins, Adam Grants, James Clear, Lisa Nichols, etc. of the world and feel something light up in your soul. Even if you wish that light would turn off for a moment, you can’t deny it’s there.


I resisted calling my people change makers, because I didn’t want to add to the pressure they already put on themselves. I didn’t want to intimidate or scare them or add to their overwhelm. Not always, but often, when they start looking for me, they are in the dark or it’s starting to get dark. I thought if I called them their true selves, the changemakers they are, I would cause them to run, to find someone who wouldn’t “call them out” on their greatness.


Now, I can see just how like me they really are. When I’m in one of those dark periods, I need someone to gently and softly whisper all the good and change I’ve already created in the world and all the good and change my soul still wants to create in the world, in my world at least.

If you’re in one of those dark periods—it’s okay. It will pass. You will find your power and your strength and you will lead again. If you want to be led—that’s okay. That doesn’t make you not you and it doesn’t make you not a leader. You have created so much good already in the world and oh! The good you still have to create in this life!


If you are reaching for that pause button and want to be led, let’s connect.

This is who I am and strive to be for my clients. A guide on the path to re-grounding and re-discovering who they are and how they create their power and strength. A guide that helps them have that bigger impact on the(ir) world they so desperately want to have. A guide to help them own their truest, greatest changemaker self. Why do I do this? Simply, because this is who my coach is for me and so I know the difference it makes, because I too need a guide to be my biggest and best self, to lead with all of my love and power.

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