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Goals: Your words around them matter


How do you view or think about them?

I was working with a client the other day and we did some amazing work on what this particular goal was, why it was important to them and some really great imagery to call them forward, excite them about what it would be like once the goal had been achieved.

Then. We talked about the practice of writing down our goals daily. As they went to draft the goal in writing, so they could write that down each day, it was amazing how quickly the magic seemed to dissipate. Let’s say the goal is to write a beautiful novel that allows the reader to escape their current world, its stresses, pressures and maybe even it’s pain; to spend time completely emerged in another story for a time being. The author may want to inspire the reader or inform them, the author may want to provide this safe haven for the reader, a place to dream or remember dreaming is fun. Maybe the author wants to teach the reader something so critical, it will really impact the reader’s work and they believe so fully in what it is they have to teach.

If this was the goal we had spent 30ish minutes getting present to, when the client went to write the goal down, something similar to “I will write a book” came out. Talk about buzz kill or a flat white!

The practice of writing our goals down traditionally is recommended so that it helps keep or bring in focus what’s really important, so we don’t get distracted or let ourselves get distracted and spend time on things less important to us. I believe, if done “right” it can also help keep the fire lit so you WANT to be moving towards it.

Which is more inspiring?

My goal is to loose 40 pounds.


My goal is to feel powerful and healthy in my own body, to feel muscle solid and full of energy…and to feel hot in that dress on vacation for myself and enjoy dancing the night away.

Which of these pulls you in?

I will get a new job.


I will get a job where I look forward to going to work because I inspire and I am inspired & challenged, which in turn leads me to be and have more fun at work and with my family, in other areas of life; I’m not just positively impacting the employees, but those close to me as well.

How do you currently, or how have you been thinking and talking to your goals? What would be different if you tweaked them to be about the possibility & why, not just about the what?

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