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If you use Gmail & Google Calendar...⠀

Did you know that you can use the "OOO" calendar selection for blocks of time, not just for an entire day? ⠀

You can also change the message from "Declined because I am OOO" to "Declined because I am working on Project X. If your inquiry is more urgent, please call/text me at 111.222.3333."⠀

You can use this to block time to tackle big projects, strategic thinking or personal appointments or care, while still letting your partners, team & boss know how to reach you urgently. This feature can also be set up for recurring days & times. ⠀

You could even go a step further, if desired, and enable the same OOO email response during that time. Unfortunately, this cannot be automated for specific hours(yet), just days, but you can manually put it on at the time of your block & remove it when your block is over. ⠀

What other helpful hacks do you know and love? Or, what hack are you looking for?⠀

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