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3 Ways to Make Sure 2022 Goes Differently

Where are all my highly driven, planning people?

Do you still have that #newyearnewyou enthusiasm, or some overwhelm?

Personally, I use these 3 things to leverage that New Year momentum:

1. Yes, you have many goals, but thinking about many & moving none will likely keep you here. Pick 1 goal & its first milestone. Pick 1 action for that milestone & EXECUTE. An action is just that, something actionable, not that requires 4 actions. Ex: Call the hairdresser is ONLY an action if you have the number for the hairdresser. If you don't, then getting the number is action one.

2. Not only do you have several goals, but you also, obviously, have a BUNCH of new habits you plan to implement. That book is not going to read/write itself, is it? Again, start simple. Don't get overwhelmed by the time these new habits are going to require. Pick 1 habit. Just one. AND. Pick the easiest, no-brainer habit OR the most meaningful habit to you. When starting out, these are typically the easiest to execute & will help you build momentum. Add from there.

3. Learn to LOVE the pivot. Yes, Jan. is sexciting & you feel sure that this is your year & this plan you have is THE plan. This is your year. However, this plan may not be THE plan. Review your progress towards your goals & habits weekly. AND this is the key: be real w/ yourself; if you aren't doing what you said you would, DO NOT assume next week will be different. Too often people are overly optimistic that the perfect 30 min will somehow arrive, they just have to wait for it. Then weeks go by and, surprise, surprise! They haven't spent 30 min reading/meditating/etc. We are going for progress! Not standing still. If you didn’t find 30 min the first week, change the frequency or time requirement & PIVOT. 10 min is better than 0. Or, evaluate the task & recommit to why you want to do it.

Will these 3 things create magic for you? I have no idea. But, I know they will help you stay focused & keep. moving. forward. Life can only be learned by living, not planning, so get out there & do a teeny tiny bit of living. Would you like support with a 2022 goal or habit? DM me!

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