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To be clear, when I speak about superpowers, I do not mean the ability to become invisible, fly, spray spiderwebs from your wrists, turn people to ice by looking at them. When I talk about "superpowers" I am talking about that one thing that you do that causes you to have "flow", the thing you can do all day and you don't even notice it, the thing that everyone compliments or points out to you as something you are excellent at.


It's that "Damn, I'm good" feeling all humans get at some point or another, when they've done something really well and that meant something to them. That's what we need more of in the world. People experiencing that feeling by doing what they are awesome at. 

Your superpower could include:

  • being the best accountant at your company

  • acting as the glue for your family: kids & significant other

  • writing a fantastic book or articles

  • taking photographs of hamsters

  • baking cupcakes

  • running ultramarathons

  • coaching or training in physical fitness(yoga, pilates, PT, etc)

  • being one of the best leaders at your company

  • starting your own business

  the list is endless.....!!!!​


You are a driven individual who is a little lost. You know how you got here, but you're unsure of the next step. You are either on the cusp of getting what you want and in need of a little extra help navigating the woods by leveraging that superpower, or you think you are on the other side of the wood but feel as though you're not in the right place...yet...

There may be nothing you like about your day to day life or there could be bits and pieces that you do enjoy, but not enough of it; or you could enjoy most of your day to day but feel under utilized. Either way, you are left with a constant lack of feeling fulfilled.

If you want to stop settling and really take your life to the next level, I look forward to hearing from you!

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