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Passionate About Inspiring Others

For 15+ years I worked my way up in a Fortune 50 company. I gained amazing experiences ranging from leading and developing teams of 10+ managers and people leaders to working abroad and onboarding a fresh team from scratch. I was promoted to an Executive level position, the position I had dreamed of having as a Senior Analyst, years before.

RH Branding Photography Session 07-27-2021 Charissa H Yong Photography - Low Res (for Web)

Eagerly, I leaned into the job, improving the culture and ways of working of the team. When I was able to come up for air after the learning curve had passed, I realized it wasn't what I thought and more importantly, it wasn't how I wanted to spend my days. I loved working with the team and my peers but the financial work of my job wasn't my reason for getting up in the morning and it's where I was asked to spend the majority of my time. The idea of doing it for 10 or 20 more years started to make my skin crawl. 

Through my own work with my own coach, I discovered what I wanted to spend my days doing, how to get that "jump out of bed" feeling back. That's what I aim to do: help people do one of two things: 1)find their superpower and unleash it, and/or 2)really leverage their superpower to live the fulfilled life that they want. 



  • 15+ years of  leadership, finance & coaching experience 

  • Understands what it feels like to not be clear what your superpower is or have the ability to truly utilize it

  • Group training/coaching experience

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