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Motivational Monday!

If you haven't read Eckhart Tolle's books, you should. (link to books)

A lot of his books are about REALLY being in the moment and recognizing that 1)the past is over, and 2)you don't have absolute control over the future.

That last one is what gets people. We like to think we can control the future and we often shy away from places where the future looks much less certain than elsewhere. While I believe in manifestation and working your butt off to get what you want, I do recognize that I'm not a puppeteer pulling the strings.

In coaching, both as a client & as a trainee, we learn that there is this line between the known & unknown, between our comfort zone & possibility. Often, our uncomfortableness with the uncertainty is what keeps us from crossing the line. But like Eckhart says, once you've crossed that line and become comfortable in not knowing what happens next, anything is possible.

Are you aware of areas in life where you lean into uncertainty versus where you don't? Do you know what's different between the two areas? What do the areas in each bucket have in common? Have you allowed yourself to dream of the possibilities if you could get comfortable with the uncertainty?

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