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Motivational Monday


A word that creates progress, creativity and motivation....yet it can also bring up some uncomfortableness. Some of us don't like putting stakes in the ground or stating what we actually, truly want or are working towards.

I found beauty in this quote in how she starts with a desire. Although a desire could still be scary, something about that word seems much less....committal than "goal", or at least in my mind. And isn't that what goals really are? Our desires?

Google defines a desire as: a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. Sounds like a goal to me!

If you have "opportunities" (there's that corporate speak showing up) around setting goals or writing them down, I'm curious if you know what it is about your relationship to goals that brings up the resistance? If you looked at them as desires, would that enable something new? Are there "goals" that don't resonate as "desires"? If so, what might that indicate?

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