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Let it go

Let it go.

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed right now?

Have a lot going on?

What are you not doing that you normally want to do?

Are you beating yourself up for not doing it?

Right now, are you using the word "should"?

For my clients, it's typically something related to self-care. Walking, yoga, cycling, running, etc. Maybe for you, it's a decision or an appointment with the doctor you need to make.

Let. it. go.

Give yourself permission and DECIDE that you are NOT planning to do it that thing this week. Of course, you CAN do it if you find time, but you're not going to strive to do it. You're setting the expectation that you will not do it this week.

I invited a couple of my clients to take this on recently.

One of them had been going round and round on a decision for a couple of weeks. Within two days of this session, they let me know that they had made their decision. In releasing the thing, they'd released all the stress and worry around it as well. Their brain had focused on all the other things and they'd shown up fully for those things. Then, as they were doing something else, the decision came to them, clear as day. They knew what they wanted to do. Yes!!

Another one let me know that, while they hadn't had a tough cardio workout as they'd wanted, they had started taking pockets of time to workout: 15 minutes of yoga here, 10 minutes of brisk walking there, etc. Once they'd let go of what it needed to look like, they were able to take advantage of what they had. They were feeling much better. AND!! This client actually noticed where else this was holding them back--with their family and at work!! Yess!!

That's the point of what I do. Yes, doing what the specific thing we want right now is AWESOME. Yes, breaking that bad habit is AMAZING. Yes, making that decision is FANTASTIC. These are all wonderful.


The magic is the cross-training: applying one learning to something else and getting elevation in our own lives, noticing where we were unconsciously holding ourselves back and start consciously moving forward.

If there's something you know you want to do but haven't been doing, let's talk. Grab time with me or send me a message. You're already not doing the thing, what do you have to lose? What do you have to gain?

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