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"Before anything really great is achieved, your comfort zone must be disturbed." - Ray Lewis

Talking about the comfort zone this week.

What is it?

Well, it's a bit like Leo & these cushions: it's a snuggly place that contains all the things we already know and are familiar with. The foods, the skills, the places, the people, traumas, etc that we've got some level of familiarity or predictability with.

Many people talk about how we LEAVE our comfort zone. I like to think of it as EXPANDING our comfort zone. Afterall, as we become more familiar with things, they get pulled inside our comfort zone, making it bigger.

Sometimes, our comfort zone is forced to expand: loss of loved ones, change of job, sickness, etc. However, most often, we have to CHOOSE to expand it. We have to choose to try something new on the menu. We have to choose to interact differently with that person. We have to choose to listen to new music. You get the picture.

(This is actually why I HATE social media. I really want my feed to give me NEW things! Things I wouldn't find on my own!)

How do you know you may be expanding your comfort zone?

You likely experience fear, resistance or excitement...or all three.

When was the last time you chose to expand your comfort zone? What did you experience?

And...what other questions do you have about the comfort zone?

Did this post kick up something for you? Let’s connect! I’d be honored to see if I’m the right person to support you in it. And, if you’re more of a community person, my small group coaching program begins at the end of the month. I love group coaching b/c participants get a coach and a pack of supporters. It can really help people see how unique they are & how common their struggles are. Let’s connect and see what would support you best.

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