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75 Hard: One third done

Over the weekend I finished a third of my #75hard #challenge that I’ve undertaken.


It’s hard.

It’s time consuming.

It’s annoying.

It’s long.




It’s motivating.

It’s challenging.

It’s tough.

It’s building confidence.

It’s revamping habits.


I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone. You have a million reasons why you can’t, but you can. I’m not doing super hard workouts (perhaps the way it was intended). I’m doing what works for me. I’m on a no-sweets diet, not a super restricted plan. If I stop and think about it, it seems crazy that we fit in 90 minutes a day for workouts, never mind that one needs to be OUTSIDE. And yet, we’ve got it done for 27 days straight.


While on some days it feels like “only” 27 days, on most days it feels like “already” 27 days. For a few days, I was worried I wasn’t making the most of it. Almost as if, when the 75 days are up, I’ll have to give up all these habits and need all my results by then, or else! Crazy, right? Kind of…This is how I used to do trainings, workshops, books, school, etc. Then, when I got this feeling that the end was too near, I’d double down and start killing myself to get the results I think I want. I’d beat myself up for not going full steam since Day 1…which you know, is really motivational…


How does it go now? I honor what I’ve done so far. I have an auto-immune disease which, if I don’t take care of myself, can really take me out. I’m 27 days in and I’m not taken out! Success! Some people have to start multiple times and I haven’t had to do that! I’m not beating myself up for how the dictator version of me would have liked it to have gone. Yes, I’m trying to ramp up a bit, see how much more I can take on. But it comes from a place of curiosity and desire, rather than a place of “I’m not enough unless I achieve all that’s possible,” or “I’ve messed this up so far, so now I need to make it right”.


What about you? How do you do things like this? How do you do each year? If you’re not where you’d like to be with new year resolutions or goals, how does it go? If you’re going for a promotion and you could have done more, how does it go?


Would if it didn’t have to go that way? What if you could finish what you’ve started with MORE enthusiasm than when you started? What if you could enjoy the whole journey/process, however it goes? And….uh-oh…what if you could give yourself some….grace?


If you’re curious on what it would be like, let’s talk! Or, we can just talk more about 75 Hard!

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