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Sneaky Motion vs Beneficial Action

This came up in a couple of coaching places today and yesterday, so I thought it might be worth sharing.

When it comes to your goals, are you in motion or in action? Do you view a difference? Or have you thought about a difference?

As a coach with a business, being in motion can vary from reading growth/development books to getting coached myself to working on my website. Being in action means I am networking and telling people I’m a coach, it means I’m inviting people into coaching conversations with me and I’m signing up for speaking opportunities.

I LOVE the motion aspects. While I don’t know if I could get coached all day, I could definitely read books all day and have certainly gotten lost down the rabbit hole of working on my website.

Yet engaging in these alone will not actually build my business. They may help. They will help my clients for sure. But if I only did those things, I would not see any money come in.

If your goal is to lose weight, are you in motion or in action? Are you looking for the perfect workout or are you walking or doing push-ups? If your goal is to find a new job, are researching how to make the perfect resume and browsing jobs, or are you applying to jobs and redoing your resume?

This is why(well, one of the reasons) I’m such a big supporter of project plans. It helps me limit my “in motion” activities/time and gets me back “in action.” When I have a project plan, I allow myself and plan for some research into how to make the best videos, but when the deadline comes or the allotted time is used up, I’m pushed into action.

Where are you in action? Celebrate it! Acknowledge it!

Where are you in motion? Is there a quick way to move yourself into motion? One push-up? Five minutes of walking? Opening your resume?

If you’d like to learn more about shifting from motion to action, let’s chat! Use this link to connect with me:

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