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What's in a tool?

Two tools.

Almost exactly the same.

Created to do exactly the same thing.

And yet one made my life sooooo much easier while putting together & taking apart patio furniture this weekend.

What a metaphor for coaching!

In the personal/professional growth space their are so many tools and ways to do or achieve the same result!

A coach is someone who lines these tools, with themselves and with all their other clients. When you work with them, you get access to allllll the tools and what they’ve seen as far which tool helped which person. They are in a wonderful place to help YOU figure out which tool is best for YOU. They listen and be with you in the space, offering support as you find your path forward, the tools you need, how and when you need them.

One of the reasons I love working with my clients! It’s this big mystery of what we’ll discover and what their path will look like!

Do you have something like patio furniture, a goal you’ve been working on with a tool or in a way that “should” work? Do you have that feeling there could be a different way? Let’s chat! I’d love to support you! Email me or grab time using this link:

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