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Quote of the Day

I was just talking about this with my accountability group this morning! (btw-ask if interested in learning more! we'd love to have you!)

One attendee was talking about their shift in mindset that's already started to occur, in focusing more on their own future and what's important for them, versus constantly letting themselves play/be second fiddle. The person said they felt guilty but knew it was what they needed right now.

Focusing on how we can build the future we want, how we can better and move ourselves forward; spending time on difficult goals that matter to us and those activities that put us at our best is one hundred percent nothing to feel guilty about.

As Helen Keller points out, you have no idea how your positive actions will impact those around you. You have no idea what impact your going to the gym or eating healthy will have on those around you. You have no idea what it means to the world that you'll have more energy and be around longer to contribute. You can't know what impact going back to school, taking that course or coaching that soccer team will have on those around you now or in the future. I know I'm constantly inspired and lifted up by those around me doing their thing!

Isn't that exciting? You, focusing on you showing up as your best self and moving towards what lights you and what you need, has ripple effects you can't even imagine and never know?

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