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Changing Lives

I said to someone the other day, "You changed my life" and you should have seen the shock in their eyes.

It was an acknowledgement exercise. Acknowledgement is something my coaches training prides itself on: you end a session or program giving and receiving acknowledgement for who you are. We are gave acknowledgement to someone and we all received it. It was fabulous; it always is, if uncomfortable during.

The shock on this person's face stuck with me. I felt other shock in the virtual room as well. The thing is, when we practice giving acknowledgement, we're trained to give it from the heart and not over think it. If we over think it, it can become about us, about us trying to get it right.

It kind of broke my heart, the shock so many had at my statement. I mean, this is a coaches training program! We're there to facilitate and generate TRANSFORMATION. If that doesn't change lives, what else will?? Did this person give me a million dollars? No. Did this person call me every day? No. Did this person comment on all my shares within the group? No.

And yet. This person showed me so much love, it changed me. This person showed me such kindness and generosity, it changed me. This person saw me in a way I needed, it changed me.

I do love this person and don't want to downplay that. And.

We are all changing each other's lives. Our jobs as leaders, to develop people, to help them will change their lives. My SVP changed my life by holding me to a bar and raising the standard. Our jobs as parents are to raise good humans and love will change their lives. My dad has changed mine. Our jobs as friends and significant others, is to be there for our people when they know they need it AND when they don't will change their life.

Changing a life doesn't REQUIRE big, life altering action.


Isn't that awesome? Doesn't that fill life with so much meaning?

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