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75Hard Finished!!

Wahoo!!! We finished our #75hard challenge! We completed 75 days straight of: TWO forty-five minute workouts(one outdoors), drinking 1 gallon of water a day, reading 10 pages a day, taking a progress pic(the worst!), no alcohol and ZERO sweets. And we did it in the first go! We didn't have to start back at day one!

I learned a lot from doing the challenge and HIGHLY recommend it.

The two most important things I gained from taking this on?

First, it was a beautiful reminder why or how my husband and I are a great pair. As we started, I pitched the idea to various friends and no one was interested. Some were already taking on something and others, probably because of other challenges I've taken on, thought it would be super hard. Though he paused for a second, not only did he join me, he freaking thrived and loved it; wants it to be our new way of life. While I may not quite be up for alll of that, or at least the way it exists, my inner dork heart explodes with happiness and love that this is what happened. That he didn't just entertain my idea, he went all in and ensured we both crushed it. #worthit

Second, it reminded me very clearly of the power of progress. As we were reflecting on the 75 days, and, as typical driven people, we kept thinking about what we could have done "better" or "harder" or how we could have challenged ourselves more. And, of course we could have. Totally. 1000%. And yet, doing what we did for these last 75 days, made SUCH a difference in our lives and our fitness and health. If we hadn't done it, we'd be at least 10 steps behind or further back in our progress. Progress is ALWAYS awesome. It always serves. AND. We actually don't know what we're capable of, until we test ourselves. (Now we know for the next challenge, we can do more lol lucky me!) That we have to trust the process to learn what we need to learn in the time we need to learn it. If we'd gone harder or done more, perhaps we would have been lefting learning the power of flow and balance. Who knows!

If you'd like to hear more about my experience or are curious about it for yourself, let's talk! I'm happy to share!

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