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The Chinese Bamboo Tree

Do you know about the Chinese bamboo tree?

It takes 5 years to grow.

It gets planted in the ground and MUST be watered and fertilized EVERY DAY.

If it doesn't get watered and fertilized, it dies.

Even as it receives all this care, the bamboo tree won't break ground until AFTER 5 years.

It's caretakers MUST keep doing what they're doing without ANY sign of progress for 5 years.

When it (finally) breaks ground, after 5 years, it will grow 90 feet tall in 5-6 weeks! 90 feet!!

How might this be related to your life? Anything you can take away?

If you'd like pursue your goals like the caretakers of the Chinese bamboo tree, committed to watering and fertilizing your goals consistently until they shoot up 90 feet; let's talk! #bebrave #persist #leadership #coaching

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