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Questions to pull you into the unknown!

Questions to pull you into the unknown!

I suspect some of you coming last week, but in case you didn't, today's question: If, irrespective of your ability, as strength was defined as something that energizes and strengthens you, what would you call your strengths?

This comes from the book "Love & Work" by Marcus Buckingham. He poses the question, which I now pass to you. What energizes you? What specifically energizes you? Talking to all people? Or talking to certain people about certain topics? All coding? Or coding for certain projects, to do certain tasks or to have a specific impact?

He mentions that people need a minimum of 20% of average time(across a day or week) to be spent on items that they love(typically their strengths, those that energize them). I'd love to debate this DM me if interested in that convo! At a high level, it obviously depends on so many other factors.

And now, as you know me, the obvious bonus question: now that you've identified your strengths, what energizes you, how much time do you spend on/in them?

As always, if you want support or just to have a conversation about any of this, please DM me or grab time using this link:

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