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How much does the organization need you?

Questions to pull you in the realm of possibility!

Today's question: How much does the organization need you?

If you're not sure, ask! Ask your colleagues, your boss, your direct reports; you may even be able to ask your partner if you talk about work with them.

You could follow this up with:

- Do you love what the organization needs you for? Are they fully leveraging you and your superpower or do they really have the wrong person in the job? Not that you're doing a bad job, it's just not what you want to be doing and there's likely someone else better at it.

- How has this changed over the years? Do they need you more or less than before? What do you think of that?

- How do you foresee this changing over the years to come? Is that what you want? Or, do you think your job should be automated and changed?

Love my questions? Curious about me? Or, are you conflicted (or clueless) about your next career move? You are in luck! I'll be sharing my 3 little known secrets that will empower you to make confident career moves!

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