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How much do you need the organization?

Questions to pull you in the realm of possibility!

Today's question: How much do you need the organization?

Last week I asked you how much your organization needed you and your thoughts around that. This week, we're doing what could be some of the harder work, looking inside ourselves.

You could follow this question up with:

- What specifically do you need from the organization or what do you get from it? Do you love a sense of team and being a part of something bigger? Do you need the salary? Do you need the hours?

- If your child/friend told you that's what they get/need from the organization, what would you say to them?

- What has you believe you need your organization for that? I believe that employer/employee relationships are best when viewed like a marriage: you want both parties to CHOOSE into it every day. You want your employer to choose you every day and your employer wants you to choose it every day. When people start feeling like they're out of choice, it can start to have an impact on what gets done and the relationship.

If you don't know if you NEED your organization for something, go find out. There is no harm in talking to recruiters or friends in other industries or applying for jobs, to see what life is like elsewhere. If that research renews your desire to stay with your organization, it wins big time. If it causes you to seek employment elsewhere, long term, they also win; again, everything works better when people are where they want to be.

If you or someone you know is currently on the struggle bus about what to do as far as their next career move, please send that person my way! I'm hosting a free webinar on April 27th where I'll discuss the three steps I've used to make empowered, confident career move decisions.

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