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Where does the money go?

Questions to pull you into the realm of possibility!

Today's question: If we looked at your money, where it goes, where you spend or save it, what would we know about your commitments?

I'd asked something similar a few weeks ago but it was about where you spend your time. A fabulous friend inspired this version at dinner a couple of weeks ago.

Do you say you're committed to saving for something (house, retirement, college)? Do your financial actions support that commitment?

I have to admit that since starting my own business I've struggled more in my relationship with money. I've done a bunch of work but it still shows up. Also, as a new business owner, I'm constantly torn between trusting in abundance and being smart. If I don't agree to spend the money to do X, does that reflect to the universe that I don't trust that the money I need will find me? Or, is it smart to not spend the money on that? (And there are my rosy right/wrong glasses again )

What about you? Money often has lots of emotions associated with it. Are you happy with your relationship to money or would you like to shift it? I'd love to hear about it in the comments. Are you sending it where you're committed to sending it? If not, curious about what's in the way? DM me to have a conversation and shift your relationship to money.

For the less brave, I recommend Jen Sincero's book You Are A Badass at Making Money.

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