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Wednesdays are for Wonderment!

Questions to push you into the realm of Possibility!⠀

Today's question: What if you were a fly above your life?

If you were a fly above your life, what would you see and really notice? What if it were a special type of fly that could only see YOUR life, not others? What would it see or notice if it couldn't compare your life to anyone else's?

As cool as it might be to fly above our lives and get that different perspective, we don't have to become flies to shift our perspective.

How often do you ask others where they think you spend your time? or how happy you seem? or what the 1 thing you could do, that would significantly make a difference for them?

How often do you pause and reflect on what you want to achieve for the year and if you're making headway?

How often do you celebrate ALLLL your wins and the obstacles you've overcome? How often do you take notice of those you struggle with and ask for help?

Often, especially when climbing a steep mountain or long trail, we keep our focus on just the step in front of us. But every so often we need to pick our heads up and look around. Not just to "smell the roses" but to make sure we're still going where we still want to go.

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