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Roles and Responsibilities

Today's Question: What roles and responsibilities do you enjoy & feel good at? What sucks you dry?

These could be related to your work, volunteer work, your home life, your hobbies, school, etc. We have roles & responsibilities EVERYWHERE in our lives. Which ones light you up? Which are you good at? What is it you specifically enjoy? What is it you are specifically good at?

When you take on anything like this, always remember it isn't really about your answer, but something related to your answer. I had a client once highlight that they loved planning their vacations. They didn't want to be a travel agent but they were good at working with deadlines & planning, making things happen. They ended up looking at go-to-market & supply chain jobs for smaller companies where they would have more responsibility to make things happen.

And the flip side...What sucks you dry? Again, it's not always about your direct answer, but what's behind your answer. What makes you feel sucked dry when you do that thing? Is there a situation where that might not be true?

Additionally, have you heard yourself or someone you know say "you can't just do what you love, there have to be parts you don't love." While yes, that is true ,there's also many people out there, some who even love to do what you hate. I tend to forget that. I feel guilty for not wanting to do things I don't love, to do the bit I do. I forget that the piece I love, coaching, many others don't & what a gift it is when they pull me in to do it. I could provide that gift by creating an opportunity for someone else to do what they love!

As always, DM or grab time with me if you'd like support getting to the root of what brings you joy or how to leverage it! I'd also just love to hear in the comments what DOES bring you joy and what sucks you dry!

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