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For a long time I wasn't pursuing my dream. I can't say exactly who's I was pursuing. It's not like I had overbearing parents who wanted me to be in Finance. I was in my thirties and not married or with kids, so I hadn't exactly pursued "society's" dreams for women either. I think I was just more busy "doing things" as I grew up, through college and as I started my career rather than thinking about what I wanted, what I wanted to be moving towards. Don't get me wrong, I had a heck of a time on my journey and it led me to where I am today.

The realization that maybe I wasn't on the path I wanted started with a diminishing sense of joy in the work I was doing. I still enjoyed it, I still loved my team and my co-workers. And I felt a struggle between what I was being asked to do and what I felt was the best use of me; a struggle that seemed to grow over time. As that set in, I started to pay attention more to the world around me. That was when it hit me that other people didn't feel the same. There were people who REALLY LOVED what they were doing. Sure, there were parts that they didn't like but for the most part, they felt fully utilized, like their best self was being leveraged. That was what really made me pause and ask myself why I was on this path.

Turns out, as a driven person, I was determined to be the best and prove to myself and others that I could exceed expectations. That was when I got a partner. I hired a coach to help me do the work to figure out how I could use my super powers more regularly, in a way that lights me up and fulfills me.

What about you? I can see you working ridiculously hard. The dreams and goals you are working towards, are they yours? Are they what light you up? That leverage your super power best? The dreams and goals you think are most important? Or, are they what someone else thought you would good at or like?

What would your days be like if you KNEW you were pursuing your dreams and goals? It might mean a career or job change, and it also might not. Either way, it WOULD mean that you woke up each morning knowing you were on the path YOU wanted, the path YOU chose as your best & most fun path forward.

DM me if you'd like to have a discovery "Ignite Your Life" session with me and start seeing what that would look like for you.

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