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I Know When I'm Acting From Fear, Do You?

Let’s talk survival mechanisms!

Starting to get curious about coaching but a bit intimidated at the thought of 1:1 coaching? I get that. There is magic in community. You don’t always have to have something to talk about. And you can. You get to learn from what others bring up. You get a pack supporting you, as well as coach. My small group coaching program begins at the end of the month. If you’re curious, let’s connect and see if it would support you.

Ways you can interact with me: - Get free tips, tricks, quotes & questions via my newsletter ( ) - Join my weekly accountability group ( or DM) - Take part in my Clarity Challenge ( or DM) - Virtual coffee/tea catch up ( or DM) - Receive one-on-one coaching from me (book a 30 min discovery call: or DM) - Sign up for Small Group Coaching kicking off at the end of the month (book a 30 min info call: or DM)

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