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Where are you complacent in life and/or work?

(I stole this question from Marsha at our weekly Coffee Connect meeting. Thank you!)

During the meeting yesterday, I had such a great conversation with around this question. We talked about how even our good habits could be argued as complacency, because we don't always change them up. We discussed how complacency typically has a negative connotation, but how it can serve as a jumping off point for creativity. Additionally, I mentioned how I see the opposite of complacency as exploration. What comes up for you around complacency?

Getting back to the question at hand: where is your complacency serving you and where could you use a little more exploration?

January 1st I agreed to let my boyfriend own my running plan to shake up my own complacency! (I know, I know, more running references!) More often than not, prior to this, I was running six miles or four miles each day and running the same routes. I knew if we stood any chance of doing an ultra I was going to have change things up. He's been taking these courses and reading up on it; even if I've been running long distance longer than he has, he actually has more expertise and best practices. I was super nervous about having someone else mess with my running, my happy time, my thing I do for me. Would he over train me? Would I not follow his plan & cause arguments? Would it feel less fun because someone else was really telling me what to do?

It turned out to be fabulous! I mean, I remained pretty nervous for the month of January, but now I'm in trust mode. (even if I still complain, I do trust the plan) It took the stress out of planning the runs and it feeds the people-pleaser in me who has an easier time doing something for someone else or when she's accountable to someone else.

On the other hand, I haven't changed my daily meditation routine in years. It serves me and I like it the way it is.

If you took on a perspective of exploration towards those areas that resonate as "complacent," what might you see?

As always, DM me if you'd like support around where you feel complacent or maybe a bit too much like you're resting on your heels. I'd love to see if I can help you turn it up a notch!

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