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The other C word

I don't know about you, but in my circles, there seems to be a lot of talk around a specific C word. Clients & friends all would like to have more confidence. Leaders & bosses would like people to present with & have more confidence. Sometimes it feels like there are trainings for it all over the place.

It's something I have & do talk about.

And...I keep getting these growing up flashback memories. The latest was about another quote I use to live by: Courage is not the absence of fear; it is acting despite it. It popped into my head out of nowhere. It was like I had forgotten the word existed. I mean, I hadn't literally forgotten the word, but the feeling I was overcome by around this word, it was like I hadn't given the word the respect it's due in a long time.

I found myself wondering when I had become so interested in finding/feeling confidence instead of courage. Was it when I started working? Did confidence seem like the grown up version of courage?

Then, I started replacing "confidence" with "courage" in my sentences. I went from "I wish I was confident enough to do that" to "I wish I was courageous enough to do that." My mind felt like there were little fireworks going off. Courage is something I can control & muster up! Courage is something I have! In spades! In my mind, it's one thing to not be confident, but quite another to not be courageous.

It probably seems super simple. It did to me. I've found that's often the way it goes for myself, my clients. We get so in our heads about things, so caught up in the same bandwagon everyone is on, so focused on moving forward at lightning speed that we miss these little, powerful details that are possible with elevation.

What comes up for you if you replace the word "courage" with "confidence"? Are there other words or phrases you use regularly? Even empowering words? What other word or phrase could you use instead? What does that change about the statement and your being with it?

As always, DM me if you're curious or geeking out over your own patterns and potential mindshifts; I'd love to geek out and support you!

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