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I’ve been on and off with my morning routine.

I read #tmm (the miracle morning) and loved it.

And it reminded me of allllll the things I want to do before I start work or any day. I mean I have 3 hours worth of stuff, outside of eating, showering, walking dogs and connecting with Jon!

The biggest thing I’ve struggled with is the #peloton. I love it. I REALLY love the classes. But I really need to focus on my running right now for our race. And I’ve been wishing I had gotten the peloton before we’d started training, bc then I’d be more used to going on it AND running. You know, that ideal, “if only” scenario that would have made the current struggle easier. Have one of those?

So today I reframed that. The goal is for the peloton to supplement the running. So today I used the habit stacking tip and decided to do a SERIOUSLY light ride while reading. It worked my legs but not so I won’t be able to run later. AND it actually didn’t require any more time!! It’s like I’m a magician

Will this work forever? I hope not. I want to get to the point where I can go all out in a peloton class AND whatever running I want. But it will work right now. At least for a week. Then I can reassess where or how to double dip and create magic.

This is also why I love helping people who “need more time.” Like me today, they don’t need more time, they need more clarity and honesty.

I hope this sparks something for you. If it has and you’d love a convo about it…guess what? So would I! DM me or grab time with link in my bio!

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