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Quote of the Day

I love the rawness of this quote.

When it's paired with something like, "small steps become big successes."

If we're not living our dreams, what are we living? Well, if we're not living our dreams it's because we are afraid -- we won't succeed, people won't like us, people will leave us, they'll think we're selfish, we can't figure it out, someone will do it before us, we can't make money at it, on and on and on my list goes....

So while harsh, technically if we're not living our dreams, we're living our fears. Crap! Powerful! "Am I living my dream or my fears today?" Eesh!

One could quickly be overwhelmed with this beautiful statement. Hence my caveat that a quote or statement as powerful as this should be paired with something like "small steps become big successes" like a warning you'd find on your hair dryer, bicycle or kale.

Living your dreams vs your fears doesn't mean you have to be making huge, sweeping moves towards them. It "just" means you & the world are best served by you moving towards them, however small a step you can take each day. If you can only read 3 pages a day, write 100 words, do 1 push-up or research jobs for 10 minutes a day, doing it still means you are living your dreams instead of your fears. Living your fears would look like not reading at all, not even opening a word doc or notebook to write, avoiding the ground and push-up positive and not even having a LinkedIn or Indeed account.

What comes up for you if you ask yourself, "are you living your dreams or your fears today?" If it looks like you're mostly living your fears, what is one teenie tiny step you can take to living your dreams? Find a phone number? Buy a notebook or book?

I geek out on these types of conversations so if the idea of asking yourself that makes you quake or gives you a visceral reaction, reach out! I'd be happy to chat with you about this, ease you into it per se.

Also! I've started a MeetUp group where I'm hosting events related to coaching. Some of the events I post here, but some I don't (mostly because it confuses me to have them in multiple places right now). This is the link if you'd like to come join us:

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