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This is the fun & magic of coaching that I love.

Looking at our stories, our patterns of thought, our contexts that get in our way and hold us back. It's not that they are false or made up. At one point, they may have been true or seemed true. There may have been a point in time where I struggled to make financial ends meet or work meant a lot of hours and fun was frowned upon.

And...just because they were true once doesn't mean they are true for all of time. Can you imagine what life would be like if that were the case? If things that were once true, stayed true? Madness!

How do you get elevation and look at things differently? How often do you do this? I know I'm better at it when I'm struggling or can't seem to "solve" something. Then, for a time period, I start to look at many things differently, to break my pattern of thought...

...Until that becomes a new pattern that I benefit from breaking...

As always, DM me or grab time with me via the link in my bio if you'd like a partner in co-creating a thought outside your typical pattern.

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