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Welcome, Monday!

I'm curious, have you ever had this thought? Ever said something along the lines of "Wow, I ALMOST quit! If I had, I'd have missed this"? Either to yourself or someone else?

As I run my own business, I say this quite often, encouraging myself like the little Engine that Could, to keep going, as I don't know what's actually on the other side of one more phone call, email message, meeting. I think about how pissed I'd be that I'd stopped just short of the "goal." Of course, I practice believing in the process and that things work out the way they are supposed to and yet this serves as great motivation some days.

I remember running this thought over and over in my mind before my big promotion in my corporate career. I had thrown myself so far into the work and being who people wanted me to be and what they wanted me to do to earn the position. I knew I was so close to what I had been working towards for years. And the closer I got, I think the more I started to realize it might be what I'd imagined it to be. But I didn't stop. I didn't pause. I didn't let up. I kept doing and being all the things.

While I was interviewing for it, the company had offered a leave package that would benefit those of us who had been there over a decade. It would have been a lot of money. Family thought I'd be silly not to take it, so young to have that sort of opportunity in front of me and without "real" responsibility (kids, mortgage, etc.). I decided to stay; to see it through. I decided I'd probably regret more, not finding out if getting this position would make me happy and be what I had been hoping it would. I had worked so hard for it for so long, if I was going to walk away, I wanted to feel good about it.

What experiences have you had near that "goal" line?

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