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Questions to pull you into the unknown!

Today's question: When was the last time you explored something that interests you...just because?

I just read The Long Game by Dorie Clark and highly recommend it. In it she advices us to "optimize for interesting" when making decisions. Of course, I loved that advice! She includes various stories of people who pursued something because they thought is was interesting, even if they weren't sure of the financial/"right" benefit of doing it and how the fact that it WAS interesting is what made it beneficial.

It got me thinking about how often people pursue or get curious and allow themselves to explore something that interests them, just because it interests them. Do you allow yourself that freedom regularly? Just in certain areas of your life? Never?

I invite[read-strongly encourage] my clients to take up a new hobby when they start working with me or generally if someone is slightly stuck or feeling lost. It can be something that they've done once or twice but not regularly, but it "must" be something they really are a novice at. They often resist at first, especially when I first mention it & they think the goal is to find their "passion" or "dream career". When I'm able to convince them that it is not AT ALL about any of that, they end up experiencing two major benefits: 1) they have hard evidence that they can in fact learn something new & be successful or fail and not die, and 2) it opens their eyes and minds up beyond their current world & thinking.

Personally, I am trying to get back into tennis. I've never been good. If you know me or seen me walk or tried to throw me anything, this won't surprise you. I got into it pre-COVID and loved it because it used all these different parts of me that I never used....and I loved that feeling of FINALLY hitting the ball the way the instructor wanted me to so it was a great hit!

What about you? Yes, you may think time is limited. And yet you can probably find even 15 minutes to try something new. What interests you? Can you explore it just because?

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