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Questions to pull you into the unknown!

Today’s question: Name three specific things that would definitely be part of your ideal job or role, and three things that definitely wouldn’t.

Often, when we are thinking about something new-a new job, home, partner- we can overwhelm ourselves with all the possibilities, so we think we don’t know what we want. There is tons of research to support this on the consumer purchasing side—give too many options and customers don’t buy due to decision paralysis.

Even though we may not know EVERYTHING that would be part of our new job, home, partner, etc. there are some things we actually do know we'd want and not want...otherwise we'd be ok where we are!

So whatever it is you are thinking about, your ideal job, house, place you'd live, partner, vacation even--what are 3 things you know for sure you would want to be part of it? They don't have to be major or big things, just any 3 things you know you'd want present. WFH or office? Direct reports or individual contributor? Tied to monthly close or not? A basement or a pool? Sidewalks or those don't matter? Near mountains or surrounded by water? Restaurants within walkable distance or close to family? Someone who is a parent or someone who's passionate about their career? Someone who is close with their family? Someone who's love language is words?

Do the same for things you don't want to be present (sometimes this is easier). And from there. What's a fourth thing? can ask yourself why those things are important to you, which may provide more clarity into what you want.

Can you make it a game or treasure hunt, to find out what you this thing (job/house/location/partner) to be like? Instead of "a great problem that must be solved otherwise great consequence will ensue"?

That, my friends, is part of the fun in working with a coach! They/we can make "that which must feel like work and be hard" actually an experience of fun and adventure, by being in it with you and helping you avoid overwhelm in going slow.

Are you trying to figure out what you "want" in some area of your life? Well, hot diggity, I would love to be on that treasure hunt with you and help you come up with longggg lists of what you want and don't want. If that's something you'd like as well, DM me and we'll set up a 1:1 coaching call to find that buried treasured! (Ok, I'll confess I've been watching start wars which has Harrison Ford on the brain, which has apparently led me to Indiana is what it is!)

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