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Get busy living or get busy dying

I haven't read much Stephen King in years.

I read it as a kid, I think mostly because they were pretty big books and I was allowed to read them. The Heydon household was quite strict, so I took the inches when they were given!

So. Are you busy dying or living? Technically we're all doing both but if asked to phrase what you're doing as either "busy living" or "busy dying" which would you pick?

This past weekend I ran my 20 mile training run. First long run I've run solo in a LONG time. Furthest distance I've run since marathon training in 2015. While I whole heartedly believe running does help me to live longer and generally is me, "busy living" I didn't entirely feel that way after. My body definitely wasn't sure what those 20 miles had done for my "end date."

Also, in relation to this, I've started trying to improve my diet. I'm doing it for my mental health really. On our way down/back to Tennessee for vacation a couple of weeks ago, we started listening to "Genius Foods." I feel like my memory isn't as good as it used to be and like I'm not operating on all my cylinders the way I can. I'll acknowledge that part of this could be my change in environment. I'm no longer triggered by stress and running on adrenaline, like I was in my corporate job. Even on those great days, I was still typically in back to back meetings and keeping the team moving forward; very different pace than my current experience. And...I've never really ate that well. Business colleagues were often surprised by how much and what I ate, the first time we went out for a meal. People assumed I ate salads and grilled whatever; not burgers, french fries and pizza. I was always running, burning up the calories, even as I got older. And I apparently have been blessed with a pretty good metabolism that does manage to turn bagels and burgers into incredible fuel.

Even if it's working, I know it's not really good for me. As I've noticed the change in my brain functioning, it was finally a really good reason to start looking at my diet. This is like week two or three, so I don't know if I'd say I've SUBTRACTED as much as I may have liked by now, but I have definitely ADDED a lot more good stuff! Many more fruits and veggies and "brain food".

Now, I at least feel like my diet is helping me "get busy living" instead of before, when it may have been helping me "get busy dying."

See! You can have different answers for different parts of you life even! What comes up for you?

As always, if you're interested in a conversation about any of this, I'd love to geek out with you or support you! DM me or grab time on my calendar:

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