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Wednesday's for Wonderment

Questions to pull you in the realm of possibility!

Today's question: How would a good friend describe what you are like? Which of your traits stand out to others?

This could be a good friend, a colleague, a boss; I just might not pick a sibling or parent...What would they say about you? What would they say is your super power? I encourage you to ask them! Feel a little weird? Nine times out of ten the conversation reverses and you get the opportunity to tell the person what THEY are good at. You could even start with that!

I have this exercise I do with my clients which is all about getting to the heart of you who are when you're at your best. To do this, the person has to ask OTHER people about themselves. We are with ourselves all the times we "mess up" or don't meet our standards, and we are typically really good at remembering all those moments. Realistically, a stranger could identify who you are at your best after a few minutes with you because it naturally shines through. While a bit hesitant at first, most people end up benefiting from and liking the exercise.

It's interesting how there are so many instances, especially given social media, where we can and do compare ourselves and our lives to others, and yet we aren't quick to ask those on the outside what is GOOD about us.

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