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Wednesday's for Wonderment

Questions to pull you into possibility!

Today's question: What are the five areas, that if handled, would lead to a great and satisfying life?

Five?! Five areas?! I know, it seems like a lot. And you can do it.

Is it your financial situation? Your relationship with your significant other? Maybe you want a new puppy? Is it living closer to family members? Is it having more flexibility at work? Is it spending more time on specific items at work vs. others? Maybe you want to be able to swim in the ocean each day?

Do these ideas seem ridiculous? They might. The thing is, it's not necessarily about your first answers. Don't get me wrong, it could be. And it might actually be about something else. So spend 8 minutes listing out whatever comes to mind as far as what would lead to a great and satisfying life. Then, ask yourself what makes each of those important. What is it about that thing that makes you believe it would bring such greatness and satisfaction to your life?

And...what is one tiny step you can take towards bringing that into your life? Even if it's just some basic research or talking to a friend or partner about their thoughts on the subject. What can you do to start bringing it closer to you?

As always, DM me if you want to share what you came up with or would like some support brainstorming!

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