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Want to feel certain about your next career move?

Learn 3 little known steps that will empower you to make the right career moves.

April 27 at 5:30pm

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This Free Training is for you if:

Chess Game

"It's time" for you to rotate & you don't want them to decide what's next for you.

Business Woman

You're happy, but feel under-utilized & are  starting to wonder "what else?"


As a known bada$$, you hate to admit a bold career move is blocked by fear & guilt.

By the end of this training, you will feel empowered to make career moves with confidence using this solid, three step process.
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About Your Host

Rebecca Heydon has over 15 years of leadership and coaching experience. She first climbed the corporate ladder to finance exec, at one of America's most innovative telecom companies, before starting her own business. 

She works with the best of the best; supporting ambitious, mid-career leaders & entrepreneurs find fulfillment in work they love so they can feel like themselves again. Her people have a great sense of adventure and the mind-body connection. They are so driven and productive they forget to slow down to see what's really important to them. When they look forward, they dismiss their past success because they can't imagine how it's relevant to the next stage of their life & career. Her people are typically visionaries struggling with how much better things could be, if only.... 

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