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Check out what's going on this month, where you can interact with me and how you can start living intentionally!

hike & grow events

growth, outside the box.
challenge yourself with a hike & a coaching exercise.

Do you love to explore the outdoors and yourself?

Do you keep saying you'll go hiking and/or spend time developing yourself but keep not prioritizing it?

This is for you.

Each event will include a 5-6 mile hike in NJ or nearby state and a coaching activity. Please dress appropriately, including foot wear. 

Questions? Email me! 

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$5 One-on-one coaching


get individualized
support for $5

As much as I LOVE my contract clients (because I DO!) I am currently hustling after my coaching certification. To achieve it, I need to diversify my clients and coach more hours. Until I meet my requirements, I am offering $5 for 60 minutes of one-on-one coaching, limited to 2 per person. Grab it before it goes!




During this challenge, I'll be sending questions & exercises to your inbox to help you get clear on what you want out of your career & life. Dedicate even just a few minutes a day to answering one question and you'll see progress. If you want more, I'll be offering a lot of free support during the challenge to help you get the clarity you've been craving. 

Weekly accountability group

When it comes to goals,
did you know that you are:

- 42% more likely to achieve your goal if you write it down?

- 62% more likely to achieve it if you commit it to someone else?

- 95% more likely to achieve it if you commit to ongoing meetings with accountability partners?

Start building momentum & achieving your goals. Meet likeminded, supportive people. I'll hold you accountable and support you in what has or might get in your way going foward. 

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