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If it’s not an easy, no-brainer decision to make, don’t make it…yet.

This came up in a coaching circle this week. And while it may seem like the exact opposite advice you’d expect to receive from a coach, but stick with me here.

In 2021, I left a super sexy, really well-paid corporate job to go out and start my own business from scratch. People often comment on how brave I was. And, while I will absolutely accept those kind words, by the time I DECIDED to give my two weeks notice, it didn’t feel brave, it felt necessary. I so clearly knew what I wanted to be doing, how I wanted to be spending my time that I couldn’t give what the company I loved, needed from me.

Before that day, I had hemmed and hawed and tried to proactively “decide” when would be a good time to give my notice.

Guess what?

No time seemed like the right time. Every month seemed too soon. Or I could see all the benefits from staying there longer.

Until I couldn’t.

I see these conflicts in myself, in business and personally, as well as with my clients. We don’t like uncertainty. We don’t really like change. So we want to be on the other side of the decision ASAP. We overwhelm and overthink ourselves to burn out or sickness due to lack of sleep and increased stress.

And then.

Suddenly, like magic. In the shower. While walking our dog. When our child says something. When we run into an old friend.

Suddenly, we know it’s time to make the decision and we know what the answer is. Clear as day (not clear as mud as I initially thought was the right phrase).

Of course, as a coach, I can be with you and ask you questions to help you work through whatever decision it is you’re wresting with. I can help you see if you want to push through the fear that’s holding you back.  And. I believe 100% that whatever we discuss will influence the decision you make and help you make the decision. When it’s time.

My more sophisticated advice: Intentionally think about the decision you need/want to make, while TRUSTING(yep, I know, we despise that word) YOU will know what decision you want to make at exactly the right time. If you’re still wrestling, you just need to have patience.


If you'd like support around a decision, I'd love to connect! Grab time on my calendar:

AND. If you're like me, even if you are practicing trust, you still want to move forward; you can get my FREE 3 Steps to Confident Decision Making Guide here:

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