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Quote of the Day

This is from my latest fiction audio book. My big struggle with audio books is figuring out how to remember the amazing quotes that flow through my ears. Typically I listen to them while driving or running so there's not space to figure out how to mark the spot.

I remembered it because it seems so simple. And yet I had never really thought of solvable problems as something other than problems. I hadn't positioned them as something else in my mind. What would I call it? An ordinary "to-do"? That seems a little boring, a little less exciting; it doesn't seem to acknowledge the thought that probably had to go into creating the solution. The corporate speak is "opportunity" and I don't like that either.

If you google antonyms for "problem" you get words like "answer," "solution," "line of work," "ease," etc. Those don't land either.

What comes up for you? Anything empowering or shift if you dismissed solvable problems as "problems"? Do you have a reaction like mind? Aligned and still unsure?

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