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I don't know about you, but I am constantly looking for the best("right") way to do whatever it is that I am trying to do. I know that people have done it before, been doing it for years and I want to learn from them! I also tend to believe that if I don't do the thing the "right" way, even have a conversation, there will be enormous impacts and consequences.

So I REALLY love this quote. Per the above, I am constantly reminding myself that it is all a process and as long as I am in process, there is no real right/wrong way to do or be. I am forever reminding myself that I literally can't please everyone, so even if a certain way seems "right" it still wouldn't resonate with "everyone" or could run someone the wrong way.

I've recently noticed that this right/wrong context I have, seems to come in waves; sometimes I'm totally in flow and accepting it's all a process, while other times it can seem like EVERY choice has a right or wrong option and I can feel frozen to choose the "right" one. Sometimes I can see it coming and other times I seem to get caught in its riptide. I haven't quite figured out my right/wrong cycle yet, but I'm working on it.

What about you? Do you seek out the "right" way to do something? Are you convinced that there is a "right" choice to make in that big decision you have before you? Or, do you regularly embrace that whatever you do is what you were "meant" to do as part of the process?

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